Welcome to Bowden Tree Consultancy

Hello!  We are an arboricultural consultancy business that specialises in providing solutions to the organisations responsible for managing large numbers of urban trees. Qualified, experienced and supported by the latest diagnostic/ drawing/ spatial equipment and software, our team can assist you with making an informed decision for all types of urban trees - whether in streetscapes, public open space, or construction & development sites.  We recognise the multitude of benefits that trees provide to the urban environment and are guided by the philosophy that tree retention is the default option.

At Bowden Tree Consultancy we do not provide a tree pruning, tree transplanting or tree removal service and have no affiliation with such service providers, thereby guaranteeing our clients objectivity, impartiality and the provision of professional advice free from conflict of interest.

We are experts in the field of wood decay detection and evaluation and have undertaken several hundreds of PiCUS sonic tomography tests on a wide range of indigenous, native and exotic tree species, and are best placed to provide the remedial options for the green infrastructure within your urban forest.

Specialist services include:

  • arboricultural surveys & impact assessments 
  • hazard tree identification & risk rating assessments
  • PiCUS sonic tomography for the evaluation of wood decay

Our clients include local government authorities, state government agencies, schools and teritary institutions, hospitals and aged care facilities, landscape architects and more - in general, organisations that are responsible for the management and preservation of large numbers of trees in the urban environment.tree_FOOTER.png


For truly qualified advice supported by pertinent local experience please feel free to contact us via email with your queries - thank you.